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You will find details for each step of the “Encourager” journey outlined below. Are you being called?

  • PRAY




  • PRAY about becoming an Encourager! It is a commitment, a rare privilege, a blessing!

  • YOU’LL BE MATCHED! Email the Ministry to register: You will be sent a current list of Christians in prison (“Insiders”) who are waiting for an Encourager. Based on the Stephen Ministry guidelines, men are matched with men, women are matched with women.

    YOU WILL CHOOSE who you feel might be a good fit for you personally from the list. If he or she is still available, you will be matched. However, matches happen quickly and it is possible the Insider you request will have already been matched with an Encourager.

    You will be given basic information about the Insider such as photo, location, age, birthdate, parole hearing date, and prayer request. Additionally, a form completed by the Insider is provided to you, giving you a full understanding of the issues and prayer requests they need.

  • WRITE YOUR LETTER AND MAIL IT DIRECTLY TO YOUR INSIDER. We even provide a sample first letter. The ministry does all its communication through email, so it does NOT matter where you live in the United States or Canada. Nor does it matter where the Insider is located.

  • YOU’VE GOT MAIL! The Insider’s response letter to you is to be sent only to the ministry P.O. Box in Tennessee. Their letter is scanned (jpeg) and emailed to you so that your personal address is never revealed. The letter is NOT read by the Administrator but held for 10 days in case there is an issue of readability or content.

Next Steps

  • Email Encouraging Word to register and request a match (

  • Email Encouraging Word to be added to the monthly newsletter list, while you pray to discern God’s will (

  • Read the testimonies of Encouragers, Insiders and Comforters by clicking the links below

“Encouragers” companion and walk a faith journey together with our Insiders. We do not preach, teach, intercede or fix them. We listen and care. Based on the Stephen Ministry model, men write to men and women write to women.

“Insiders” are incarcerated Christians seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ and other Christians. Each one completes a “Ready to Fly” form that aids the Encourager with poignant prayers and devotional topics relevant to them.

“Comforters” are Insiders who have become God’s hands and soul from the inside. They lead Bible studies and pray for others. Some even provide necessities for those who cannot work and have no money at all, from their own resources.