Gary, Missouri

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“Thank you so much for your love in Christ.

Thank you for your faithfulness, encouragement and servant’s heart. As I got to see the tears of joy, the radiant happiness, and the excitement that a few of the women experienced as a result of your Valentines cards, I felt an urgency to share with you what you bring to the heart of some who have been hopeless, lonely, and losing faith. A friend who has spent 28 years in prison, came to me with a BEAMING smile and said “look, this is my very first Valentine card in 28 years – and it has my favorite verse inside- Romans 8:31. Thank you for extending your love for Christ to those who have stumbled and live behind the walls of prison.”

Pueblo #117495

 “I feel I have finally found myself and a purpose in being a vessel for God’s calling.

I see a future of change…as Encouraging Word Ministry has been put together to help women & men come closer to God and to be able to trust & share testimony of confessions with one another & to be able to get past having all that guilt, shame, confusion, hurt, pain inside that keeps us from moving forward with God in knowing that a relationship with God/Jesus is All He Yearns for as a father does his child…to be able to walk through to a new calling. Lord, open our eyes to see as you do –our ears to hear your voice, to know the TRUTH, for the TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE.”

Denver #153715

“I am overwhelmed by the timing and effect that your recent letter had on me.

Let me just say that being a child of God in the prison system puts you on the front lines of spiritual warfare. I’d like to personally thank all of you who sent your signature scripture to me and now I’d like to give a word of encouragement to “An Encouraging Word Ministry” Your ministry is working! God’s timing was perfect through all of you! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT.”

Oklahoma #89311-198

“I want to give praise to our Heavenly Father for sending people like you in my life.

 I thank Encouraging Word for all your prayers. It touched my heart receiving the letter and prayers on my parole. It brought tears to my eyes how God can personally speak to us through things like the letter I received. Thank you with all my love.”

Pueblo #167068

“I was pleased to receive a letter from you, your words were encouraging and provoked a response in me to write back and request a “battle buddy” for myself.

It warms my heart to know that there are ministries who target those of us in prison while there are so many who look at us as an “inconvenient burden.”  want to reassure you that these fields are ripe for the harvest, and we could use all of the “harvesters” the Lord sends. Thank you for considering me, and please pray for our Father to send more laborers into the fields.”

Limon, Colorado

“I’m super grateful..thank you guys.

Thank you for being an inspiration! You make me see that beyond these walls there are good people. I am ready to start this walk with Jesus because I need him to make my life complete. God Bless You!” [Written prior to release]

Denver #113773

“You, and all of my sisters and brothers at Encouraging Word are the epitome of my hope.

Did you know that? No one else sends me cards or things like that. You guys help me with my faith. And give me hope for my future in God’s salvation. I read my Jesus Calling book, then every morning I leave it out so someone can pick it up and read it. They say it’s the only book that’s ever been respected in this pod, not stolen or damaged. Thank you!”

Denver #169776

“I want to extend my personal thanks to you for your faithfulness and your excellent work on behalf of myself and the other inmates blessed by your ministry to us.

 These past 2 years would have been bleak if it hadn’t been for the constancy of your correspondence with me. Jesus himself spoke about you when He said, “I was in prison and you came to me” (Mt 25:36) “Come, you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Mt 25:34). God will bless you for your service to Him.”

Safford, Arizona

“I’ve watched the good Lord perform miracles in life since I’ve been here.

I have been seeking more and more of the Lord since being in here. I Believe, I have Faith and I Love the Lord. I have accepted him and my desire now is to learn more about him. I was raised in church and just kinda gave up believing when I lost my brother, then both sets of grandparents, then both parents all one year ago. It’s a lot. So being able to communicate with someone out there that has a strong belief in the Lord is what I’m looking for…Pen-Pals that share the Faith, Hope and Love is well worth writing.”

Lisa, Colorado

“As I opened the EW Christmas Card (2020), it melted my heart…Its ‘cause of you and Jesus & Ms. Karen that I feel very special.

 And I must tell you that as I am building a stronger foundation, I couldn’t thank you more times for the love, you spur on. Its amazing as I watch and listen to these ladies speak on what Jesus is doing in their lives. I am in awe for real! One lady friend that also writes to your ministry, said something special to me at work in the kitchen! She said “Candace, it was about 6:00 am and I heard HIM say” Get Up! Spend some time with me this morning”. She said she had never been so excited to read her Bible. I think she writes to Ms. Gail as her pen pal or maybe Ms. Nancy. It’s great seeing the evidence of Gods goodness not only with my life but with them. Pure joy. We love talking about how special you guys are. And what excitement we get from your messages! What it really all boils down to is this, I’m very glad I’m involved in this ministry and I promise these women enjoy all your encouraging words!

Candace, Colorado

“Encouraging Word Ministry! Thank you so much for sharing that amazing beautiful story about Addy.

(Click here to read the Story of Addy Rose.)

“Encouraging Word Ministry!! Thank you so much for sharing that amazing beautiful story about Addy. It truly touched my heart. What a beautiful testimony, I’ve been blessed to hear! God is God all by himself and is Good All the time. So, thank you. I’ll patiently await my Sister in Christ Fellowship through pen pal services! Thank you for the ongoing uplifting words and letters you’ve sent! I also very much thank you for my Sarah Young devotional. I’ve wanted one for such a very long time. Thank You. Love Always, Daughter of God, Sister in Christ, Bionca”

Bionca, Colorado


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