“For several years, I was aware of my older brother writing to insiders through An Encouraging Word.

His ministry to one man turned into writing to a group of ten men who had joined together to do Bible study and prayer. For ten years this group has now been together. About six months ago, I joined the team at Encouraging Word and now have six Insiders with whom I correspond. One important thing I have learned is that, before I sit down to write a letter, I must pray and ask the Lord to show me exactly what that particular lady needs to hear right now. What an exciting blessing to be used by God in the lives of these precious ladies! One verse I often close a letter with is Deuteronomy 31:8; “The Lord, Himself, goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid and do not be discouraged.”

Encourager Ms. Karen

Ms. Karen receives letters from one of her released Insiders, which shows the impact she has on her and continues to have. Thanks be to God!

“A friend from my bible study group nudged me into investigating this ministry, to prayerfully become a Pen-Pal.

I have a love and passion for this ministry as it is a way of reaching out to others and extending God’s compassion, grace and mercy.”

Encourager Ms. Debbie W.

Debbie joined An Encouraging Word Ministry in 2018, receiving 41 letters from her two Insiders. Debbie and Bionca close each of their letters with a personal prayer for the other. Bionca is truly the real prayer warrior although she comments that I am too, shares Ms. Debbie.

“An Encouraging Word Ministry provided an open door and an avenue to act on a prompting God gave me many years ago…

which was to focus on building up the body of believers – to be an Encourager! Mother Theresa said ‘We can do no great things—only small things, with great love.’ Praying “Lord, show me what I can do-specific, practical, and real’..He made it clear..my words (in a letter or card) can be a blessing..thank you, Lord!”

Ms. Val, Colorado

“All praise and glory for Jesus’ great and mighty love.

How blessed is this ministry to those sharing God’s love with insiders! I will see if God would give me a new insider when mine moves on to the half way house. I’d like to keep in touch with her after she leaves prison through EW ministry mail.”

Ms. Dottie, California

“I received and have read the first letter from my Insider.

What a humbling experience to read his thoughts. One of the members of our Church goes to the county jail each week and says that the inmates are the ones saving him, not the other way around. I always thought I got what he was saying, but now I do on a whole different level.”

Mr. Tim

“I love this Ministry.

It has really touched my heart. To share the Love of Christ with someone so young and that I will probably never meet is making me feel so good! My heart goes out to them. I’m thinking, there except by God’s Grace, go I! To make a difference to someone is so encouraging to me as well.”

Ms. Margot, Maine

“Encouraging Word Ministry is changing my heart.

My heart cries when I read the letters. As an outsider, I can witness that God has a plan for their lives. No sin is too big for God to handle… God is giving them a chance to grow in faith and know His love. I can point out verses of encouragement and connect these to their experiences. Just think we are following in reverse the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in the prison ministry. Paul spent apx 1/3 of his ministry in prison, yet Paul’s prison letters are testaments of joy in the LORD. Paul’s joy came from within, knowing that God is for us and has an eternal plan for us. Being happy is from external circumstances…while joy springs from our soul. I have spoken of Paul in prison in some of my letters to my gals. Thank you so much for starting this ministry and continuing it through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.”

Ms. Carol, Colorado

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