Insider Thomas S. from Alaska shares the “The Voice of Truth,” a prison newsletter from Glacier Ministries. It is written by hand from prison.

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“Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.”

Micah 7:8

When I first met Kortny, she was sitting in the darkness of her prison unit lamenting that “the spiritual sickness in this prison is through the roof and it breaks my heart.” Although she was also lamenting the fact that she had “no like-minded person to talk with,” she was well aware that the LORD was with her and that the LORD is the one light that could break through this present darkness and alleviate the spiritual sickness.

Determined to make good use of her time in prison, Kortny engaged in a degree program in electronics (earning “straight A’s”) so that she would be prepared for life after prison. But that was not enough for Kortny; she felt the strong urge to address the present darkness of the prison and serve the LORD right where she was. Miraculously she began to feel the LORD leading her to start a peer-led Bible study on her unit. Miraculously, one by one, five ladies joined her for Bible study, prayer and worship. Also, aware that God’s Word is a powerful source in a dark place, she began posting beautiful scripture cards on the door of her room so they could be shared by all and “so that we are surrounded by the Word.”

The LORD calls us to be light in this dark world. With humbleness of spirit, Kortny has answered God’s call on her life. God is using Kortny in a powerful way, changing the atmosphere in her living space by shedding His light in a very dark place.

Kristin D. gave her Testimony of Faith at a church service held at her facility last month.

She started a ministry within her unit to provide essential toiletries to the women who cannot afford even the bare necessities. She tithes her earnings from sewing and assisting in management of the Sewing Department within her facility. An avid writer, she writes and presents original plays to entertain the lady Insiders. God has blessed her facility through Kristin. We applaud her selflessness, concern for others and her amazing writing talents.

David has been in prison for 28 years.

He started a ministry “A Gift from the Heart” several years ago when he taught a group of men in prison to knit as therapy and a mission to help others. Now his ministry provides knit caps for babies with Shaking Baby Syndrome to hospitals nationwide. They are now working on 150 Christmas stockings for kids in shelters and foster homes. Their work is in big demand and keeps growing! The guards are even involved! David says “right now we are set nice, but the more we get the more we are able to do and it really is a lot of fun and even in a place like this it brings joy knowing that we are helping others with a better look on their lives.” Join me in prayer for David’s potential commutation that is now in the Governor’s office waiting approval.

Insider David H.

“Your Easter Card had 9 handwritten verses-each with a signature.

I prayerfully read each verse, took my journal and on a separate page listed each person’s name and verse reference, then wrote my meditation. Those 9 verses are the beginning of a small piece I’m putting together to minister to others. 7 of the verses are about STRENGTH. I’m not sure, but I am guessing the Holy Spirit is preparing me for the strength in Him that I’ll need. 3 Years after parole, I can begin the process to come back in prison as a volunteer, mentor, or whatever instrument Christ would have me to serve in!!! That’s my dream!”

Pueblo, Colorado

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