An Encouraging Word Ministry


An Encouraging Word Ministry is a “Pen-pal” correspondence ministry to adult Christians who are incarcerated, providing encouraging personal letters and cards, full of scripture and personal prayers.

We are vessels that God uses for His purpose and plan. You will have an impact on an Insiders life when you join with God on His mission.

Encouraging Word serves over 650 “Insiders” in 125 prisons in 40 states

Based upon the Stephen Ministry model, we companion and walk a faith journey together with our Insiders. We do not preach, teach, intercede or “fix” them. We listen and we care.

More than 1,000 letters have been exchanged between Encouragers and Insiders. In addition, more than 3,000 cards and fliers have been personally sent to Insiders, along with 500+ personal Bibles and “Jesus Calling” daily devotions (written by Sarah Young).

You are not a financial resource to your Insider, nor to the Ministry. The only cost to you is the cost of a stamp.

Facts about the Ministry…


Encouragers are vessels that God uses for His purpose and plan. You will have an impact on an Insiders life when you join with God on His mission.

God’s Statistics Impress! Recidivism rates (returning to prison after release) of “Insiders” served by this ministry are…encouraging! Of the more than 300 “Insiders” who have been released since the ministry’s inception, only 9% have returned to prison. To understand how impressive this low rate of recidivism is, and how it positively impacts families and communities everywhere, do an on-line search on “Recidivism.”

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June 2021–Encouragers and Insiders of the Month!

This TESTIMONY Matters! INSIDER Ms. Candace, Colorado, 18 letters in 1 year

“Thank you so very much for your Encouraging (Parole Hearing) letter. I almost felt as if I was leaving to go to college and saying goodbye to my family! Yes, I cried a few tears! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Yes, my Parole is on May 26 and my graduation from T.C. Program is April 30.  I couldn’t have done this all without all the love and kindness from my personal Encourager and the love of the Lord that works through your ministry! Ms. Debbie, It all started with you and I don’t want it to end with this. I’d love to see that it be a stepping stone while I’m on parole and I want to become an Encourager and lead more small Bible Study groups, not ever forgetting about the encouragement your ministry gave me while being incarcerated. What a testimony to my life. Stronger together, weaker apart. Thank you so much. I will continue to correspond and I’m very blessed to have had this time with you 2 beautiful ladies.”

This BIRTHDAY LETTER Mattered! INSIDER Ms. Amber, LaVista

“Thank you so much for your letter and the birthday wishes. It meant so much to me to receive that and to read the words that came with it. This year has barely started, but it’s already such a different one for me. I’m getting closer to God and learning how to build a relationship with HIM. I’m also learning my self-worth and not just accepting the affirmations I give myself, but also believing it to be the truth whole-heartedly.  I appreciate your letters very much and that you never stop telling everyone that we’re unique & special. Thank you for always reminding me that God loves me and made me in HIS image. And thank you for keeping me and my children in your prayers. It’s very much appreciated, even if I don’t speak it.

This BLESSING Matters! ENCOURAGER Ms. Debbie W.,  10 assignments since 2018

“I am blessed to be participating in Encouraging Word Ministry in so many ways. I am able to share special favorite bible verses, inspirational pages from Sarah Young’s many daily devotionals and bible studies.  My spiritual journey has been enriched by the letters, prayers, and personal testimonies of these women’s continued faith in God and His abounding love, grace and mercy he showers upon them. My prayer life is more focused and spirit driven than ever before because of the relationships I have been privileged to be a part of through An Encouraging Word Ministry.”

These SURPRISES Matter! $100 DONATION from INSIDER + Mother’s Day Card to ALL  

An Encouraging Word Ministry is a self-funded ministry, so imagine how amazed we were to receive a surprise $100 Western Union MoneyGram from one of our Insiders!  That was a first!

And one of our “Brother-in-Christ, Insiders” sent a Happy Mother’s Day Card “To ALL the Mothers at Encouraging Word Ministry.” Thanks be to God! who always provides and surprises!

This QUOTE Matters! Insider Ms. Onesia, LaVista

“My Jesus Calling devotional is probably the most important book I own. I can thank your organization for that.”  (As of today, over 450 new, personal “Jesus Calling” daily devotionals and Bibles have been provided to Insiders by the EW Ministry.)


Read the testimonies from Encouragers, Insiders and Comforters–the people who are the heart of An Encouraging Word Ministry. Click the links below to hear their stories, in their own words.

“Encouragers” companion and walk a faith journey together with our Insiders. We do not preach, teach, intercede or fix them. We listen and care. Based on the Stephen Ministry model, men write to men and women write to women.


“Insiders” are incarcerated Christians seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ and other Christians. Each one completes a “Ready to Fly” form that aids the Encourager with poignant prayers and devotional topics relevant to them.


“Comforters” are Insiders who have become God’s hands and soul from the inside. They lead Bible studies and pray for others. Some even provide necessities for those who cannot work and have no money at all, from their own resources.