An Encouraging Word Ministry


An Encouraging Word Ministry is a “Pen-pal” correspondence ministry to adult Christians who are incarcerated, providing encouraging personal letters and cards, full of scripture and personal prayers.

We are vessels that God uses for His purpose and plan. You will have an impact on an Insiders life when you join with God on His mission.

Encouraging Word serves over 650 “Insiders” in 125 prisons in 40 states

Based upon the Stephen Ministry model, we companion and walk a faith journey together with our Insiders. We do not preach, teach, intercede or “fix” them. We listen and we care.

More than 1,000 letters have been exchanged between Encouragers and Insiders. In addition, more than 3,000 cards and fliers have been personally sent to Insiders, along with 500+ personal Bibles and “Jesus Calling” daily devotions (written by Sarah Young).

You are not a financial resource to your Insider, nor to the Ministry. The only cost to you is the cost of a stamp.

Facts about the Ministry…


Encouragers are vessels that God uses for His purpose and plan. You will have an impact on an Insiders life when you join with God on His mission.

God’s Statistics Impress! Recidivism rates (returning to prison after release) of “Insiders” served by this ministry are…encouraging! Of the more than 300 “Insiders” who have been released since the ministry’s inception, only 9% have returned to prison. To understand how impressive this low rate of recidivism is, and how it positively impacts families and communities everywhere, do an on-line search on “Recidivism.”

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August 2021–Encouragers and Insiders of the Month!

This Testimony Matters! INSIDER Ms. Teresa, DWCF since 2019                                             

“I’m serving a 32 year sentence. Although I or anyone wouldn’t want to be in prison, I have gained so much back.  God saved my life by bringing me here. I was so lost and depressed, alone and miserable on the streets. God kept me safe out there, lost in drugs and alcohol. Now HE gave me another chance.  My family & daughter are back in my life. Also, I have a sense of peace. I know things are going to work out for the better.  My life has been blessed. I want to know more about God.  I feel like it’s hard though because I don’t know where to start in the Bible.”

That is where Encourager Ms. Sarah stepped up.

Luke 15:7  “In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!” NLT

This Gift & 4th of July Mattered! INSIDER Ms. Audrey, DWCF Medical Quarantine

A handmade beaded bracelet with “MS KAREN” was sent in Audrey’s 36th letter to Encourager. Audrey shared her 4th of July. “As for our Unit they held a special day for just our Unit. We were allowed to eat outdoors, sit on the grass. They even brought out tables and chairs. Under my circumstance the heat got the best of me so my OCA took me to my room where I was more comfortable but I did enjoy the food, hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, even popsicles. They even opened the gym and yard for games and music. I didn’t feel left out because I was in my room staying very cool and reading a great book. So, the good Lord and I just enjoyed the day.”

This QUOTE Matters! ENCOURAGER Ms. Karen. 136 letters from Insiders since 2019 

“Yes, please send the gift! So sweet of Audrey! Also, I see that Candace was, indeed, released! I am excited for her and am praying that she will make all the re-adjustments ahead of her and will settle into the new life that God has planned for her! EW is really an exciting and extremely meaningful ministry to be in!!”      

This TRANSFORMATION From “Insider” to “Encourager” Matters! Ms. Candace

“I wanted to touch base with you on all the goodness that (EW) brought into my life on my journey here. You never let me down. You were always there doing whatever was needed to pull me through every time I turned around and I thank you. I’m privileged to have gotten to be a part of Encouraging Word Ministry. I am forwarding my new address and exact release date, so you will know I am very excited to “Encourage”.  I’m praying blessings are always in your favor. I know you are always spreading your love to all the ladies who need it. Until then, you take care, as we are all called to recognize that life is God’s good gift to us! EW amazes me.”

This Relationship Matters! INSIDER Ms. Belinda & Ms. Margaret

A 6 Page Letter from an Insider.  Can you just imagine that this is the 48th letter from this Insider to her “Encourager” since August 2016…AND they both still have so much to share that it takes 6 pages!!?!

They each always close in a personal prayer for the other.  Their relationship is what this ministry strives to be all about! Belinda writes “God I’m so very grateful that you put Ms. Margaret into my life especially at the time that you did! Father, you and only You know when and what we need at the exact time. I’m so completely Thankful for that also, as you God know, that I struggle with voicing what I need when I need it. God be with Ms. Margaret and her family during this 4th of July. Keep them in your embrace and add the shield of protection completely around them. God we ask all this in your name as you say: ask in your name and it shall be granted and become true. So we ask all this in your very precious son’s name, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen”


Read the testimonies from Encouragers, Insiders and Comforters–the people who are the heart of An Encouraging Word Ministry. Click the links below to hear their stories, in their own words.

“Encouragers” companion and walk a faith journey together with our Insiders. We do not preach, teach, intercede or fix them. We listen and care. Based on the Stephen Ministry model, men write to men and women write to women.


“Insiders” are incarcerated Christians seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ and other Christians. Each one completes a “Ready to Fly” form that aids the Encourager with poignant prayers and devotional topics relevant to them.


“Comforters” are Insiders who have become God’s hands and soul from the inside. They lead Bible studies and pray for others. Some even provide necessities for those who cannot work and have no money at all, from their own resources.