The Blessings are Astounding.

To witness God working behind prison walls is breathtaking and marvelous to watch. There are few times in one’s life that so many are REALLY touched by the Lord’s hand. Read the following testimonies and come to know this ministry.

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“I truly feel blessed by the Encouraging Word ministry. I did not expect to feel the connection that I do with my pen pal. I’m sure that’s because God is working through us; He’s definitely part of our relationship. [Read More]

Also, I think there’s a bonding aspect to actually writing & receiving “old school” letters in comparison to texting & emailing. I remember having pen pals when I was a child, and this correspondence brings back that enjoyment.”

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MR. TIM [Read More]

“I received and have read the first letter from my “Insider”.  What a humbling experience to read his thoughts.  One of the members of our Church goes to the county jail each week and says that the inmates are the ones saving him, not the other way around.  I always thought I got what he was saying, but now I do on a whole different level.”

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“I love this Ministry. It has really touched my heart. To share the Love of Christ with someone so young and that I will probably never meet is making me feel so good! My heart goes out to them. I’m thinking, there except by God’s Grace, go I! To make a difference to someone is so encouraging to me as well.”

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“Encouraging Word Ministry is changing my heart. My heart cries when I read the letters. As an outsider, I can witness that God has a plan for their lives. No sin is too big for God to handle... God is giving them a chance to grow in faith and know His love. I can point out verses of encouragement and connect these to their experiences.. ...Just think we are following in reverse the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in the prison ministry. Paul spent apx 1/3 of his ministry in prison, yet Paul’s prison letters are testaments of joy in the LORD. Paul’s joy came from within, knowing that God is for us and has an eternal plan for us.  Thank you so much for starting this ministry and continuing it through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.”

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MS. MS. ELLEN, MAINE [Read More]

“I am so blessed to be part of this ministry.  My insider seems to be doing very well.  She is attending Bible studies, Celebrate Recovery, reading Christian books, etc.  She is preparing herself for return to her family.”

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“It’s incredible how believers can encourage each other. In prison for the rest of his life, presumably, Gary has grabbed hold of Our Savior for dear life and his strength and peace adds to mine.”

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MS. DEBBIE [Read More]

“A numbers person in accounting, who would think I could do this? I truly love my ‘insiders’ in ways I never thought possible. They are authentic. They are precious children of God with amazing stories of transformed lives.”

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“Writing to my friend ‘inside’ through Encouraging Word has blessed me beyond what I expected. I’m humbled by her struggles and her great and growing faith, and I have seen God at work in each of our letters. What a wonderful ministry!”

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“I received my packet of information from you yesterday with instructions and information about my ‘Insider.’ Thank You! I am like a mother with a new baby! Head over heels in love just because! My new child of God.”

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MS. VAL, DENVER [Read More]

“An Encouraging Word Ministry provided an open door and an avenue to act on a prompting God gave me many years ago, which was to focus on building up the body of believers – to be an Encourager! Mother Theresa said ‘We can do no great things—only small things, with great love.’ Praying “Lord, show me what I can do-specific, practical, and real’..He made it words (in a letter or card) can be a blessing..thank you, Lord!”

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“All praise and glory for Jesus’ great and mighty love.  How blessed is this ministry to those sharing God’s love with insiders!  I will see if God would give me a new insider when mine moves on to the half way house.  I’d like to keep in touch with her after she leaves prison through EW ministry mail.”

[Close Ms. Dottie's Testimony]


PUEBLO #117495
“Thank you so much for your love in Christ. Thank you for your faithfulness, encouragement and servant’s heart. As I got to see the tears of joy, the radiant happiness, and the excitement that a few of the women experienced as a result of your Valentines cards, I felt an urgency to share with you what you bring to the heart of some who have been hopeless, lonely, and losing faith. [Read More]

A friend who has spent 28 years in prison, came to me with a BEAMING smile and said “look, this is my very first Valentine card in 28 years – and it has my favorite verse inside- Romans 8:31. Thank you for extending your love for Christ to those who have stumbled and live behind the walls of prison.”


OKLAHOMA #89311-198 [Read More]

“I am overwhelmed by the timing and effect that your recent letter had on me. Let me just say that being a child of God in the prison system puts you on the front lines of spiritual warfare. I’d like to personally thank all of you who sent your signature scripture to me and now I’d like to give a word of encouragement to “An Encouraging Word Ministry” Your ministry is working! God’s timing was perfect through all of you!.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT.”


DENVER #86849 [Read More]

“Your prayers are moving mountains and strongholds in my life...All my bitterness is rolling out as in waves out to the sea of forgetfulness and building on the true foundation of God’s love, peace, forgiveness, joy, understanding, care, concern, but most of all self-control. I remind myself always all good things come from the Lord, even you all at ‘Encouraging Word.’”



“I want you to know that our prayer circle (in prison) is keeping your new ministry in our prayers. Men in these correctional institutions desperately need your efforts.”



“It was great to hear from you. All is good my way, I would love to be an ‘Encourager.’ That has been weighing on my heart lately. I just have to say that I’m very blessed with family and you in my life. I have kept my faith since I have left prison. I thank Encouraging Word for that.”


DENVER #169776 [Read More]

“You, and all of my sisters and brothers at Encouraging Word are the epitome of my hope. Did you know that? No one else sends me cards or things like that. You guys help me with my faith. And give me hope for my future in God’s salvation. I read my Jesus Calling book, then every morning I leave it out so someone can pick it up and read it. They say it’s the only book that’s ever been respected in this pod, not stolen or damaged. Thank you!”


PUEBLO #162376 [Read More]

“Your Easter Card had 9 handwritten verses-each with a signature. I prayerfully read each verse, took my journal and on a separate page listed each person’s name & verse reference, then wrote my meditation. Those 9 verses are the beginning of a small piece I’m putting together to minister to others. 7 of the verses are about STRENGTH. I’m not sure, but I am guessing the Holy Spirit is preparing me for the strength in Him that I’ll need. 3 Years after parole, I can begin the process to come back in prison as a volunteer, mentor, or whatever instrument Christ would have me to serve in!!! That’s my dream!”



“I want to extend my personal thanks to you for your faithfulness and your excellent work on behalf of myself and the other inmates blessed by your ministry to us. These past 2 years would have been bleak if it hadn’t been for the constancy of your correspondence with me. Jesus himself spoke about you when He said, “I was in prison and you came to me” (Mt 25:36) “Come, you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Mt 25:34) God will bless you for your service to Him.”



“Greetings from the “front lines” in Limon Colorado. I was pleased to receive a letter from you, your words were encouraging and provoked a response in me to write back and request a “battle buddy” for myself. It warms my heart to know that there are ministries who target those of us in prison while there are so many who look at us as an “inconvenient burden”. I want to reassure you that these fields are ripe for the harvest, and we could use all of the “harvesters” the Lord sends. Thank you for considering me, and please pray for our Father to send more laborers into the fields.”


DENVER #162479 [Read More]

“I pray for a friend like Ruth. You may be that friend for me because so far you’ve done everything the Bible mentioned (loyal, faithful, dependable and honorable) I am so glad you are in my life…I believe I’m a better person everyday. I will always be lovely and loved by God and you will too. I need the Lord to hold my hand tightly/strongly/gently and lovingly every day of my life and I need him to hold my hand like that every step of the way while I’m out of this sad and depressing prison !! And I want to go home to Jesus when the time is right. Amen.”


PUEBLO #171496 [Read More]

“I want to thank you for being the beacon of light that ya’ll have been for a lot of the girls in here. They have all had nothing but good things to say about your ministry and the inspiration you provide. I know Jesus would be so proud of you guys.”


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