Our Mission: An Encouraging Word Ministry is a one-to-one correspondence ministry to adult Christians who are incarcerated by providing encouraging personal letters and cards, full of scripture and personal prayers.

Encouraging Word:

Encouraging Word’s “Encouragers” are NOT a financial help or post-incarceration resource. Based upon the Stephen Ministry model, we companion and walk a faith journey together with our “Insiders.” We do not preach, teach, intercede or “fix” them. We listen and care. Men write to men; women write to women.

Visit the “A Guide for Encouragers” page to review resources available to you to use in your ministry, as it begins and throughout its duration.

Visit the “Caring Topics” page to review scriptural resources to include in your letters, organized alphabetically by topic.

Visit the “Testimonies” page to learn how lives are being transformed through this ministry—the lives of “Insiders” and the lives of “Encouragers.”

Contact us:
If you are interested in becoming an “Encourager” or have questions about this ministry,

email: EncourageWord444@gmail.com

or write:
An Encouraging Word Ministry
PO Box 371444
Denver, CO 80237

We are blessed to serve with you.

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